• Totally wooden made Malaysian/equivalent main door, mortis locker and check viewer.
  • Without bathroom, all are Inside doors, pretext flash door, French polish, enamel paint contained.
  • All door (without bathroom and kitchen) mortis locker.
  • Ceramic tiles on floor and skirting (R.A.K/Great wall or equivalent).
  • Distemper at wall and ceiling.
  • Highly standard aluminum sliding window, 5MM glass and iron grill for safety.
  • Iron pipes rolling on R.C.C of all barandas.
  • 2 electric fittings in master bed and living room for air-condition.
  • Telephone fitting in master bed room and rest room.
  • Automatic circuit breaker for each 8.D.B
  • Highly standard prity / winner or equivalent switch and plug paint.

Feature of toilet.

  • Highly standard corm plate fittings RAK/Geat wall or equivalent.
  • Maximum standard Sharif Metal and R.A.K sanitary things (without bath tab)
  • Ceramic wall in all toilets and floor tiller R.A.K /Great wall or equivalent.
  • One mirror, soap case, towel rail, posh shower, paper holder and others (local standard).
  • Jigger fittings facility and separate plug pain at master bathroom.
  • UPVC door.

Feature of Kitchen:

  • To set up tow-burner, RAK / Great wall or equivalent ceramic tiles platform on concrete base.
  • At floor, ceramic tiles RAK / Great wall or equivalent.
  • One stainless steel sink (local) and facility of egoist fan set up.

Others feature:

  • Inter com facility at dining room.
  • Internal pipe facility for cable line and T.V antenna.
  • Highly standard lift facility.
  • Room, guard room, kitchen, toilet facility at ground floor.

Construction structure:

  • Highly RCC structure as per ACI and BNBC code.
  • Experienced architect and engineers made plan and supervision of whole work.

Right of Company:

  • The company preserver the right of alternation or increased of structure or any feature for the interest of project at any ground
  • Honorable purchaser will be able to alter/change any fittings/tiles/ceramic at additional cost at as per approval of Authority within fixed time.


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